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JoomlaXTC Jumpstart Template Install Instructions:

JoomlaXTC Jumpstart Template Editions are complete Joomla installers with the latest versions of Joomla and our Template with demo content. The jumpstart editions are only for fresh installs of Joomla, if you already have a joomla site built and are looking to change the template - use the basic template with your Joomla installer.

Installing Joomla:

STEP ONE: Unzip the Jumpstart edition .zip file. Next, using an FTP program such as Filezilla, upload the contents of the unzipped Jumpstart edition folder to the root of your server. After you have uploaded the files go to step 2.

STEP TWO: Login to your servers control panel and create a new Database for your Joomla Install - Make sure to write down the Host, DB Name, Username, and Password - You'll need it later.

STEP THREE: Point your browser to your web address - to start the Joomla Install

1) Joomla Install: Page One

Select Your Default Language

2) Joomla Install: Page Two

Check your server configurations for Joomla's core settings

3) Joomla Install: Page Three

Joomla License Info > Next

4) Joomla Install: Page Four

Page four is where we will add your database information - Most servers use localhost for the Host Server, but check with your hosting company if you have an issue.

Page Five is optional. If you wish to enable FTP access via your Joomla Installation you may want to configure this page. Visit for information on this feature.

6) Joomla Install: Page Six

Before adding your site name and your information - PRESS THE INSTALL SAMPLE DATA BUTTON - This will add the demo content for the template to your site.

7) Joomla Install: Page Seven

Your Joomla Jumpstart has now be activated! Make sure to delete the Installation folder in the root of your server before moving forward.